Print Edition Available for The Last Best Thing

The Last Best Thing, a novella by Kate Sebeny, is now available from Kellan Publishing in both print and digital editions!

The Last Best Thing

Thank you for visiting my website. While you are here, checkout a sneak peek of The Last Best Thing. Click the download icon below to view the prologue of The Last Best Thing.

The Last Best Thing Prologue

From April 23rd to the 30th you can register to receive an early bird discount off of the book’s price when you checkout through Kellan Publication. Registration will also allow you to take part in the celebration of my book debut by making you automatically eligible to win prizes of book-related merchandise.

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Congratulations to Todd and Angie McBride, Em Bristcone, Schel Straw, Dave and Donna Haman, Kendra Breitsprecher, David Taylor, and all the others who won book-related merchandise during our virtual launch party!

I hope this story will enrich your life as much as the writing of it did mine. That is, after all, a writer’s main goal: to be read so that she can impart to her readers what she’s learned in the process of writing. You are the reason writers write.

Happy reading and all the best to you. ~Kate

Written on April 17, 2015